Gray Tide

Changelings have always been viewed with suspicion by most of the people of Khorvaire and occasionally that fear has boiled over into something worse. Thirteen hundred years ago, the lords of the nations now known as Karrnath, Cyre, and Thrane began a campaign of extermination against the changeling race. Many changelings fled to Breland or Aundair, hiding among humanity. But one among them was not satisfied with survival. This changeling was named Kel, and he had a vision of a changeling homeland: a realm on the edge of the world, where changelings could live away from the fearful scrutiny of humanity. He traveled the land, speaking to family after family, and slowly an exodus began a journey that ended on the island of Lastpoint. There, staring into the disturbing wall of the Gray Tide, Kel declared that they had found their home.

No outsider knows the full size of the Gray Tide principality. Some estimates say that there are over fifty thousand changelings in the Lhazaar Principalities, though it is impossible to know for certain. Changelings have spread out across the islands, and many of the brothels and theaters in the Principalities are run by changelings. Lastpoint changelings also serve as guides, interpreters, and mediators, serving as hirelings on ships of other princes. Some Lhazaarites fear that the changelings have spread far deeper into Lhazaar society than anyone knows. But most are willing to see the changelings as brothers on the sea, and they are more accepted in this region than anywhere else in Khorvaire.

The Gray Tide principality is ruled by Prince Kel, and it has been since its founding. Most outsiders believe that this is the work of one or more changelings — a lineage that preserves Kel’s image. Some say that Last Point is the seat of the secret society known as the Cabinet of Faces; if so, this is one more secret hidden on this island.

The Gray Tide principality is thought to have four ships, and common belief holds that it does participate in piracy. However, a host of rumors has circulated about the principality. Some say that the changelings can enter the Gray Tide without danger, and that they have a fleet hidden within it. Other tales claim that the changelings have developed ships that can shift appearance, so that their acts of piracy are blamed on others.

This principality is inhabited almost entirely by changelings, most of whom are chaotic or unaligned. Characters of any class can be found on Gray Tide ships, though experts, rogues, and bards are most common.

Gray Tide

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