Cyre aka The Mournland

Cyre was the future. At the height of the Kingdom of Galifar, Cyre was a land of arcane dreams made manifest. It came to be known as Beautiful Cyre, the Purple Jewel in Galifar’s Crown, and Wondrous Cyre. To some, it was considered a land of decadence and arrogance, but to the rest of the kingdom, it was paradise.


In 994 YK the Day of Mourning turned the once beautiful land of Cyre into the dead wasteland now known as the Mournland. The Mournland is a tainted place where the dead do not decay and strange magical effects abound.

Five Things Every Cyran Knows

1. Where they were on the Day of Mourning. No Cyran will ever forget that terrible day and how they survived as so many others did not. “Tomorrow in Cyre” has become an expression of hope, a refl ection of sadness, and a promise to win back what has been lost.

2. Some form of artistic expression. Cyran are artists to their core, whether that art takes the form of drawing, painting, sculpture, song, or arcane spell. Cyrans love to experiment with art, pushing the borders and shocking others with just how far they will go to advance the form.

3. The Cyran appreciation. This philosophy and lifestyle promotes the appreciation of beauty and magic in avant-garde and unconventional ways.

4. What happened on the Day of Mourning. Every Cyran knows what happened on the Day of Mourning and who caused it. They know. And every Cyran will tell you a different version of the events. An accident, a deliberate attack, a cowardly act of terrorism, an act of nature, a punishment from the gods—these are just some of the explanations that Cyrans share in their homes and in taverns.

5. How to perform a Cyran tago. This highly charged form of dance that has been described as frenetic, movingly beautiful, and extremely erotic, is the birthright of every son and daughter of Cyre. It is taught at a young age and perfected at social events throughout a Cyran’s life. No Cyran performs the tago badly, and some perform it with exquisite grace and precision.

Cyre aka The Mournland

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