Veldras Journal

This is the journal of the the nobel's son Eliam ir’Veldras


This book once belonged to Eliam Ir’Veldras and now belongs to Lord Vorgaard.

This book details many parts of Eliam’s expedition to Trebaz Sinara. Eliam specifically detailed his escape from the haunted isle.

Another section of the journal details the stone door that Eliam believed to be the entrance to Jheamast’s tomb. However many pages afterwards have been torn from the journal. From what can be gathered from Eliam, the torn pages contained sketches of glyphs that adorned the stone door.


This journal is the only surviving documentation of Eliam’s ill-fated trip. Eliam’s expedition was fifteen strong when it set out to brave the haunted interior of the island in search of the lost tomb of the Sarlonan explorer Jheamast. Seeking to avoid the cursed waters around the island, Eliam chartered an airship for his expedition, but the ship was brought down inland by a fi erce storm, killing its crew and half of Eliam’s expeditionary force. By the time the tomb was found, only Eliam and one of his more unsavory crew members still lived: Thraxis, an artificer whom Eliam describes as “twitchy and cantankerous.” However, the excitement of discovery was offset by Eliam’s inability to get past a stone column the he believed marked the tomb’s entrance. Numerous runes and symbols resembling dragonmarks were inscribed on the column. The artificer Thraxis could interpret only some of these, and copied them down in the hope of returning to civilization and researching their meaning.

However, in a key passage that appears to be written after the adventure, Eliam
laments how Thraxis briefly obtained the journal and removed a number of pages. These detailed the runes and symbols copied from the entrance to the tomb, as well as the artificer’s own notes and interpretation of that information.

Rumors suggest that Eliam is dead, though the explorer’s true fate remains unknown.

Veldras Journal

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