Will of The Mark

Voyage of the Laughing Lady

After Returning from the Vorgaard Estate The Party discovered that a gnome named Thraxis had stolen pages out of the journal which they had just recovered. these pages apparently detailed the most likely way to open the tomb that was found several years ago on Trebaz Sinara.

Their investigation lead them to the city of Port Verge where the party met Fisrt Mate Doc Grimm who led them to the Hideout of the Sea Wyvern hideout. Captain Damog Hellscurvy then revealed that Thraxis had been taken captive by the Cloudreaver pirates and sold to the Dwarves of Dreadhold to work in secret Dragonshard mines beneath the main prison.

Damog Hellscurvy already had a plan in place to rescue another of the captives and recruited the party to aid the Sea Wyverns in capturing a Cloudreaver ship and infiltrating Dreadhold by empty storage crates.



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