Will of The Mark

The Haunted Isle

The party Arrives at the Eastern shore of Trebaz Sinara, The Haunted Isle, following the markes copied from Rygar’s map you are able to find the cove known as the Dragon Boneyard. Due to the crew’s reservations of landing Swiftwind on the shore of the Isle the party was forced to take two small dingeys out to land.

Just before the party reached the shallows A monstrous orca Zombie Surged up from the water, capsizing one of the dingeys, nearly devouring Evita in the process. However the party was able to barely bait the massive creature into beaching and impaling itself on the bone covered beach that lined the far side of the cove.

The party then followed a stream of water that lead to the Dragon Boneyard up until they came upon a suspicious cavern whose entrance looked ominously similar to a roaring lion. The party decided to investigate the area and was assaulted by a thunderous roar and a hail of stalactites. The Party quickly found the source of the roaring sound and slew the scaled lion-like creature, continuing through the cavern until they emerged from the cavernous network into the eerie night of Trebaz Sinara.

Scanning the dim and misty horizon the party decided to head towards a column of smoke that steadily rose from the north-west. As the party entered the inner jungle of the isle they began seeing strange sights…



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