Will of The Mark

Into the Mist

After Returning to Port Verge from Dreadhold Prison the party needed to find one more set of information. After asking around Port Verge the party was able to discover that the Pirate Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn has the largest collection of navigation maps in the princ Principalities.

From that information the Party decided to set sail to Regalport, capital of the Principalities, and seat of High Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn’s fleet, the Seadragons.

After arriving at port, the party decided to investigate the largest hangout of the Seadragons, The Rusty Anchor. There the party encountered High Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn and convinced him to allow them access to his navigational charts, by impressing him with their skills through performance, knife throwing and arm wrestling.

The party was able to successfully locate the needed chart in Prince Rygar’s quarters on his ship the Dragoneye. After the party departed from the Dragoneye to their own ship, Swiftwind, they encountered an armed group of Blood cultists, defeating them before they set out to the haunted isle and located the Dragon Boneyard.



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